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Karatbars International was founded in 2011. They specialize in the sales and distribution of small LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) currency grade 999.9 gold bars. The headquarters is located and registered to do business in Stuttgart Germany and they are rapidly expanding throughout Europe and across the globe.

We as members help regular people to start 
saving their money in Gold ..... must be the best job on earth!

Karatbars International offers customers the best price for "Spendable Gold", free storage and flat rate shipping. Deliveries are packaged under video surveillance and are shipped via FedEx daily.

Get started with your own gold bullion 
savings account here: karatbars

Having a KaratBars Business:
What is needed to succeed is to share KaratBars to as many people as possible. 

People are looking for the solution today and KaratBars is the solution, in almost all cases people don’t know it yet, we haven’t even scratched the surface yet, 
people don´t know about Karatbars yet, but we will show them.

For affiliate partners Karatbars has information.
Having what we call a demo card (a real Karatbarcard), will make people you run into everyday curious and wanna know more , send your link, or give them your business card. 
It’s not rocket science, anyone can do this, you do not have to try to sell anything, there is really nothing to sell anyway, it’s a currency exchange system.

The reality is you are helping people help themselves. 
There are many, many ways of getting Karatbars information in front of people.

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                                                this is one of my delivered goldbar

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one example of karatbars goldcards
This is a great plan and a great company!
They have the Vatican as costumer, so if the Pope trust it you can too

Hope to see you soon
(see my personal note)

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